Using Functional Training Pace

Function Threshold Training Pace What is Threshold? Lactate Threshold Pace, Heart Rate or Power all refer to the maximum effort you’re able to maintain while your body can still remove the lactate acid being used by the muscles. For most trained athletes this is similar to the maximum effort they can maintain for an hour. […]

Finding Functional Training Intensities

Training Intensities using Strokes Per Minute   With so many measurable and unmeasurable intensities of exercise, it can be confusing to find a consistent scale of intensity to follow. With heart rates the biggest stake holder in the exercise science world, with so many variations of watches and gauges to give you information, which in […]

2 x 2 Progression Training Programs for 2018

The Science Behind “Just Paddling’s” Training Programs Our skeletal muscles, which provide movement for our bodies, are each composed of a mix of muscle fibre types commonly identified as Type I (slow-twitch), Type IIa (fast-twitch) or Type IIx (fast-twitch). Slow-twitch fibres are smaller, more efficient and fatigue resistant (more endurance) as they are better able […]