New for 2016 we are offering a 24 week Training Plan that will get most Age Group trainers/semi Pro trainers ( SUP AND  Prone) into good shape to be competitive on the World stage. Each 8 week program follows progressively through the Training Phases of a well planned out Training year. ( General Preparation, Specific Preparation,Pre Competition and Competition Phases). The 3 Phases of the Training Year gives the trainers the flexibility to start the year off with a good base in the General Preparation Phase or join in on a Training Phase at anytime of the year.  So take the advantage of training with some of the Worlds best trainers and join us online now.

3 Phases of –

Phase 1 – General Preparation Training sessions to increase Aerobic endurance and introduce some Anaerobic interval training.

Phase 2 – Specific Preparation training sessions to progressively increase paddling conditioning in all energy systems used for all high intensity paddling

Phase 3 – Pre-competition and competition training sessions designed to elevate training sessions to the race conditions, using all energy systems to cope with high level training, competition and recovery.