32 minutes: 32 Miles

32 Minutes: 32 miles High Intensity Training to Paddle 32 Miles Physiologically, to hold threshold pace for 32 miles a https://justpaddling.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/19A2EABF-CAEA-4B8E-A3FF-3C09B7226FBC-1.jpegr needs a high level of stamina.  Sports science experts have varying opinions on how best to achieve the highest level of endurance to compete for 3 – 8 hours. But they all agree that […]

Feeling Pace and Exertion

Feeling Pace and Exertion Whatever training intensity measure you may be using, we are all chasing improved speed and economy. It can all get a little confusing with (how hard to go) for (how long) and how much (Rest) or should it be (active recovery). 3 key contributions to Adaption are INTENSITY (how hard to […]

How do you Rate your Training Exertion?

How do you Rate your Training Exertion? How we perceive our Training regime will differ from everyone else and in these trying times of Isolation due to Covid-19, the disruption to group training has weakened the resolve of many https://justpaddling.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/19A2EABF-CAEA-4B8E-A3FF-3C09B7226FBC-1.jpegrs. Those still training may find themselves taking their foot off the accelerator and underachieving in […]

Mastering Training to Become A Successful Master Paddler

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Mastering Training to Become A Successful Master Paddler For many of us Ocean Paddling is a way of life and something we have done all our lives, handed down to us through family and continued today through Respect of family and the Ocean. But to honour our respect to family and our daily ritual […]

40/20 Interval Training

40/20 training Our goal at Just Paddling is to continue to improve FTP (functional threshold pace) for paddling longer distances at higher speeds and as always, explain how. By using a combination of different intensities and lengths of Intervals to stress/rest the body’s energy systems to allow it to adapt to higher workloads which in […]

It’s you Versus you

  It’s You Versus You Before we could run we had to learn to walk, and no one really said to me come on stand up and walk like this when I was 11 month old, I worked it out myself. Just like in the learning to walk example, my training programs are not telling […]

Opening the door to a successful 2019 season.

  Finding the keys to opening the door of a successful season in 2019.   The off-season months of December and January, is my chance to review and reflect on my season and that of the Athletes that consistently followed my programs. I find it’s really a perfect time to reflect on what went well […]

Want to become your own Coach

How to become your own Coach You may have the best progressive Training Plan but how you perceive to use it can be done in many different ways. An interval set of TZ 1-2min, TZ 4-3 min, TZ 2 5 min, TZ 4-1 min, looks very straight forward to me but if your not Communicatingit […]

Feeling the Load to consistent Progression

    There are two basic kinds of training load: externaland internal. External training load is a totally objective measure of how much work you did: https://justpaddling.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/19A2EABF-CAEA-4B8E-A3FF-3C09B7226FBC-1.jpegd 10K at 5 or 6 minute pace, ran 5 km at 80% of my Max HR or whatever your training maybe. Internal training load represents how hard you, […]

Using Functional Training Pace

Function Threshold Training Pace What is Threshold? Lactate Threshold Pace, Heart Rate or Power all refer to the maximum effort you’re able to maintain while your body can still remove the lactate acid being used by the muscles. For most trained athletes this is similar to the maximum effort they can maintain for an hour. […]