How do you Rate your Training Exertion?

How do you Rate your Training Exertion? How we perceive our Training regime will differ from everyone else and in these trying times of Isolation due to Covid-19, the disruption to group training has weakened the resolve of many trainers. Those still training may find themselves taking their foot off the accelerator and underachieving in […]

Mastering Training to Become A Successful Master Paddler

Mastering Training to Become A Successful Master Paddler For many of us Ocean Paddling is a way of life and something we have done all our lives, handed down to us through family and continued today through Respect of family and the Ocean. But to honour our respect to family and our daily ritual of […]

Opening the door to a successful 2019 season.

Finding the keys to opening the door of a successful season in 2019. The off-season months of December and January, is my chance to review and reflect on my season and that of the Athletes that consistently followed my programs. I find it’s really a perfect time to reflect on what went well during the […]

Want to become your own Coach

How to become your own Coach You may have the best progressive Training Plan but how you perceive to use it can be done in many different ways. An interval set of TZ 1-2min, TZ 4-3 min, TZ 2 5 min, TZ 4-1 min, looks very straight forward to me but if your not Communicating […]

Training Intensities using Stroke Rates.

Training Intensities using Strokes Per Minute With so many measurable and unmeasurable intensities of exercise, it can be confusing to find a consistent scale of intensity to follow. With heart rates the biggest stake holder in the exercise science world, with so many variations of watches and gauges to give you information, which in most […]

Training methodology to paddling faster for longer

Training methodology to paddling faster for longer If asked to compare Low intensity training with High intensity training, I think first I would explain my understanding of what Low and High Intensity training would be. Low intensity training can fit into most exercise categories, as most day to day activities result in low intensity exercise […]

Balancing the Physiological and Psychological

Balancing the Physiological and Psychological Areas of Training Sessions for Maximum Gain. Training techniques vary massively across all sports and athletes worldwide, but examine the contents and actions of elite athletes during training sessions, and you will find there is a balance of importance placed on the physiological make up of the session and the […]

Fit into your Fifties

Masters athletes, typically defined as racers over 40 years of age, often have bigger challenges than the younger athletes when finding consistent training and adequate recovery time. Work, family, increased recovery needs and a general lack of available time can all impede progress towards race success. That doesn’t mean that older athletes don’t have goals. […]

What’s your plan in 2016?? Join us and save time and money!

PPT 10 KM/1 HOUR RACE 3 Phases/8 weeks each: These programs have been designed for new trainers looking for a training program to prepare them for a 10-KM/1Hour race. Or for experienced trainers, looking for an easy schedule involving a relatively low level of weekly KM/miles. Each session is set out to increase paddling conditioning […]

Performing with a trusting mindset.

Train smart using the correct Methodology TRAIN SMART ON AND OFF THE WATER SAVE TIME AND EFFORT BY USING THE CORRECT METHODOLOGY By MICK DI BETTA Perform with a Trusting Mindset In Competition The ability to perform instinctively is critical to consistent execution in competition. The reason why you practice is so you can trust […]