Improve your Down Wind paddling skills

Training Tips for crossing the Molokai Channel Training for any paddling event will require specific training Intensities and being capable of covering a similar volume to that race distance at some time in your training Plan. Now the first thing you need to do is design a Training Plan. Find a start date and know […]

Finding your Training Pace

I really enjoy training in my training group I learn so much about what are the benefits from training in the correct Training zones. If I was to take an average of the paddlers that I have trained with, I can say that most try too hard in the Intervals below their one hour paddling […]

32 minutes: 32 Miles

32 Minutes: 32 miles High Intensity Training to Paddle 32 Miles Physiologically, to hold threshold pace for 32 miles a trainer needs a high level of stamina.  Sports science experts have varying opinions on how best to achieve the highest level of endurance to compete for 3 – 8 hours. But they all agree that […]

Feeling Pace and Exertion

Feeling Pace and Exertion Whatever training intensity measure you may be using, we are all chasing improved speed and economy. It can all get a little confusing with (how hard to go) for (how long) and how much (Rest) or should it be (active recovery). 3 key contributions to Adaption are INTENSITY (how hard to […]