32 minutes: 32 Miles

32 Minutes: 32 miles High Intensity Training to Paddle 32 Miles Physiologically, to hold threshold pace for 32 miles a trainer needs a high level of stamina.  Sports science experts have varying opinions on how best to achieve the highest level of endurance to compete for 3 – 8 hours. But they all agree that […]

Is your training Virtual, or is it Real?

Is your training Virtual, or is it Real?   2020 is the year of Virtuality and I’m sure most of us are asking did this year really happen and where will it go from here? The on again off again racing calendar, and the lock out restrictions on what and where we can go from […]

Personalise your own Training program

How to Adjust Your Training Volume and Intensity. Are you just starting out and don’t think you can manage the full program workload? Are you returning from injury or a long break? Want to put as many Training Phases into your program as possible, leading up to your Goal Race other than the basic; General […]

The Science Behind “Just Paddling’s” Training Programs

Our skeletal muscles, which provide movement for our bodies, are each composed of a mix of muscle fibre types commonly identified as Type I (slow-twitch), Type IIa (fast-twitch) or Type IIx (fast-twitch). Slow-twitch fibres are smaller, more efficient and fatigue resistant (more endurance) as they are better able to utilize aerobic (oxygen) energy pathways, but […]

Training Intensities using Stroke Rates.

Training Intensities using Strokes Per Minute With so many measurable and unmeasurable intensities of exercise, it can be confusing to find a consistent scale of intensity to follow. With heart rates the biggest stake holder in the exercise science world, with so many variations of watches and gauges to give you information, which in most […]

Training Plan Tapering to perform in peak conditioning

Training Tapers for achieving race results Athletes spend countless hours training to perform on race day. One of the keys to racing to your potential is having a taper program to match your months of Training sessions. Tapering is a highly individualized art and science. It often takes trial and error to get to the […]

Understanding a training plan -part 2

Specific preparatory Phase   This phase represents a progression to more specialized training. It is the first part of the specific training emphasis of the training plan. At least half the training that is done should be directly related to competitive events. The remainder still involves volume-oriented, basic work. Since technique was principally basic or […]

Understanding a training plan- part1

Understanding a Training Plan  Not every sporting program can be accommodated by a calendar. However, for an individual to have the chance to achieve performances that tax their potential to the fullest, it is necessary to have training experiences (sport specific)which allow appropriate developments to occur. If an athlete is unable, or is unprepared to […]

Building Aerobic Endurance Conditioning

The objective of endurance training is to develop the energy production systems to meet the demands of activity for as long as they are required. Aerobic Metabolism and Endurance Most often it’s a combination of energy systems that supply the fuel needed for exercise, with the intensity and duration of the exercise determining which method […]