With the pre competition season with us and the big races not far away ,I have had some great feed back from my programs worldwide and I have also read some interesting theories on how to increase race performances for endurance events .

All with valid points but complicated explanations and no real conclusion to where to start.

To cover a distance at the fastest pace you can hold for that distance you first must break the distance down into manageable intervals and a pace that you can hold for those intervals. By repeating these intervals at pace with active and non active rest periods  ,you build conditioning to tolerate these distances and speed and then progressively increase the volume and length and speed of these distances over a periodised program until you have the conditioning to maintain the fastest speed over the distance you have set out to race .

The more times you have been there the easier it will be when you get there.

We are into the 4th and last week of the May program and some good feed back of increases in maximum speed on the shorter lactate tolerance intervals and the increased tolerance to those sets to recover quicker and maintain good anaerobic threshold speeds in the longer interval sets ,giving us all increased speeds for the full 60 minute sessions.
This being said we are increasing our race pace.
Paddle faster for longer .
The new program starts next week and runs for 5 weeks