Molokai to Oahu Experience




So, I understand we are all looking for more to motivate and challenge ourselves and find a Goal so we will be in good shape for when the paddling World comes back online, and we can travel and race again.

So I have developed a concept that is not Virtual but it gives the physical and mental stimulation that is realistic to the specific demands of 32 miles in the Kaiwi Channel and at the same time is the perfect Training program for paddling conditioning for any endurance paddling race around the World.

Through my experiences of over 20 years of paddling in the Kaiwi Channel, I learnt many things about myself and the Channel and how I could be better Mentally and Physically prepared. So, after each year I adjust my training accordingly for the following year to stay competitive for the challenges of the Channel of Bones.

I believe if you want to succeed at something, the more you can familiarize yourself with it, the better your chances are of success.

So, I have split the Kaiwi Channel into 4 Segments from the Starting line off of Kaluakoi Condos to the finish line in Maunalua Bay Beach Park and giving each Segment a name and a rating of perceived exertion (RPE 1 to 10). Use my Training Intensity scale from the top of this program.

Molokai Express     RPE 7-5   The pace and stress of the start

Penguin Banks        RPE 5-6   Settling into the pace and setting your course

Kaiwi Channel         RPE 6-8   Dropping into the Valley of the Kaiwi Channel

Bury the Rabbit      RPE 7-9    Fighting the fatigue and current of the shelf off Oahu when Rabbit Island never seems to get any closer.


How it works

After completing each of the 4 Interval sessions you will have the DISTANCE you covered in the 1 hour Interval sessions on your GPS device.

Then you simply add the Distance from all 4 interval sessions for Prone and SUP and the last 3 interval sessions for OC1 and Surf Ski and subtract that from 32 miles or 52 km.

Eg.   Prone/SUP 8km + 8.5km + 7.5km + 8km = 32 km so 52km – 32km = 20 km.  OC1/Surf Ski 10 km + 11km + 11km = 32 km again 52km – 32km = 20 km. So the Prone/SUP Paddler would have 20 km to on day 5 of the “Experience” (Saturday) to complete their 32 mile/52 km and the OC1/Surf Ski would also have 20 km left to

I feel this is a good test of Endurance and will power to be able to back up in 5 days of paddling with a specific Goal of paddling 32 miles but at the same time be totally achievable for the average and a total race for the more experienced

It also creates Motivation to stay on your game during the interval sessions over the 4 days, so you don’t have too much DISTANCE to cover on that final day.

It is a more accurate method to compare your results with friends and other than Virtual racing and to see who can cover the 32 Miles in the quickest time over the 5 Days. I hope you enjoy the Challenge.