Progressive Monthly Training Program

Training that progressively increases volume and intensity by using interval sessions each week, is the most accurate method of gaining those percentage improvements consistently.

Every interval session is designed to add progression in all the energy systems the body will use to paddle faster for longer.

$60.00 per month

Who Is It For?

The Progressive Month-to-Month Training Program is designed for the competitive paddler that wants to compete at the highest level. The strength and paddling condition sessions are progressive in volume and intensity to have you racing at your peak.

What You Will Receive:

  1. 3 Progressive interval training sessions, plus 1 distance session  per week
  2. Designed to progressively increase the athlete’s conditioning for the competitive paddler’s race season.  Great for the paddler who wants to go faster for longer
  3. Progressive loading of volume and intensity to condition all the race specific energy systems
  4. “Pre Race Peak Week” One week that can be substituted in place the week prior to your race each month. 3 x Intervals sessions to sharpen up and freshening the physiological and neurological state.
  5. BONUS Strength exercise training plan specifically designed for strength and core stability to withstand all levels of paddling and racing