Training Intensities using Stroke Rates.

Training Intensities using Strokes Per Minute With so many measurable and unmeasurable intensities of exercise, it can be confusing to find a consistent scale of intensity to follow. With heart rates the biggest stake holder in the exercise science world, with so many variations of watches and gauges to give you information, which in most […]

Training Intensity Blindness

If you ask any coach/ athlete to name the most common mistake that they make in their training, he or she will probably say, “Paddling too hard on easier Intervals” and not getting through the full session holding consistent Intensities. But we all do it, some more then others. Science backs up these observations through […]

Balancing the Physiological and Psychological

Balancing the Physiological and Psychological Areas of Training Sessions for Maximum Gain. Training techniques vary massively across all sports and athletes worldwide, but examine the contents and actions of elite athletes during training sessions, and you will find there is a balance of importance placed on the physiological make up of the session and the […]

Fit into your Fifties

Masters athletes, typically defined as racers over 40 years of age, often have bigger challenges than the younger athletes when finding consistent training and adequate recovery time. Work, family, increased recovery needs and a general lack of available time can all impede progress towards race success. That doesn’t mean that older athletes don’t have goals. […]

Monthly Performance Enhancing Interval Training Programs Online

Monthly training programs with a “Pre-race Peaking Program”, that can be simply placed into the week before your race. Just substitute the training week leading into your race with the “Pre-race Peak”. With feedback from some of my elite athletes using my programs and racing 1 or 2 times each month, it’s hard to get […]

Understanding a training plan -part 3

Competitive performances are built on a foundation of training. The training which precedes the competition phase should demonstrate a gradual improvement in the amount of specific training that has occurred. Prior to entering this phase, all competition-specific physical combinations and technical elements should have reached their highest levels of development. The competitive phase involves the […]

Paddle faster for longer

With the pre competition season with us and the big races not far away ,I have had some great feed back from my programs worldwide and I have also read some interesting theories on how to increase race performances for endurance events . All with valid points but complicated explanations and no real conclusion to […]