After another year of SUP racing around the world has been run and won, the feedback from athletes is the level is rising and the preparation for events is critical to perform at the elite level for the big races.Without a well planned progressive training plan of on water paddling and off water strength and maintenance training, its very hard to peak for the big races and not carry injuries into those races.I have had great feedback from athletes using the PPT in the training programs ,with all saying how they never miss a training day no matter where they are or what the weather was like outside.The PPT off water training programs has become essential part of a complete well rounded training plan .

After 20 years of coaching and paddling I’ve come to realize the main reason most trainers stop improving is because of 2 things – WORKOUTS AND TECHNIQUE.
The problem with most poorly structured workouts is they are boring and not enjoyable.
Reasons why most workouts are painfully boring

How to benefit from time spent training

Now this is where most trainers get confused or misinformed and waste time and energy for little gain.

What are the 3 speed groups? This is no gimmick or magic. These are the fundamentals of training that make a huge difference if used correctly.

Most workouts consist of all aerobic with little or no rest. Not only is this no fun it’s not enjoyable. To improve your paddling you must be having fun in your sessions and they must be progressive. So what you do in the first session has an effect on the next week and the next month’s sessions. Here are just a few reasons why I decided to share.