What comes first the Chicken or the egg ? If you think it’s the Chicken your not alone, many athletes are “outcome thinkers” and have their eyes on the prize long before they have a plan on how best to get that prize.

The prize can be anything from a World Championship to a Personal Best time or just completing a distance race feeling completely in control and finishing strong. But to achieve this or any Goal you first must have a Plan in place that is progressive and broken down into many shorter pieces to the Grand Plan.

Like the pieces to a puzzle, the more pieces you have in place the clearer the picture is and the closer you are to the Goal or the prize. Those pieces to that puzzle are well planned in place and timing and intensity are key to the greater success of your Plan.

Well timed progression of these shorter Intervals through increases in volume and intensity will give you the best adaption and get the best outcome to achieving your GOAL.

A Training Plan is best way to start your 2016 season and don’t leave your season to chance.